Terms and Condition

  • Payment shall be made in full by cash or cheque which is payable to Lobo events.
  • Orders are not confirmed until quotation/s is formally accepted with a signature and shall be emailed and faxed to Lobo Events. All confirmation and special instructions shall be given in writing. If given verbally, this shall be later confirmed in writing.
  • Cancellation of orders after confirmation may incur charges which is 100% of the total value of order.
  • Charges will be applied for each hire from the time the equipment leaves Lobo Events’ warehouse until it is returned back.
  • Cleaning charges shall incur for cutlery, crockery, and glassware items that are returned unclean.
  • No refund shall be made for any hired equipment which is claimed not to have been used.
  • Any items not returned or returned broken will be charged accordingly. It is the responsibility of the client/hirer to ensure that the equipment are properly taking care of to avoid any possible loss or damage.
  • Lobo Event with its best effort will strive to meet its obligation in a prompt and efficient manner; however it shall not be held liable for any failure of delay caused by circumstances beyond its control.